15 Powerful Sign You are in an Abusive Relationship – #5 is Common

An abusive relationship does not always means that the GUY is the one abusing the Woman in the relationship, it is very much possible that Women also abuse men in relationships.

What does it really mean to be in an Abusive Relationship?

Hello? Your partner does not have to raise their hands and hit you, before it becomes an abusive relationship. He / She can humiliate, degrade, curse, blame, manipulate or try to control you.

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The main reason for penning down this article here, is for you to know the signs and try not to be abuse.

abusive relationship
Couple in an abusive relationship

If you are in a relationship and you find yourself asking this question or if others have expressed concerns, then you need to get your heart out of the way and think straight with your mental power. If your friends, family members express concerns about your relationship, then you should note that it is possible that you are in an abusive relationship.

Like i point out above, it really does not mean you’re in an abusive relationship ONLY when your partner hits you, there are several patterns and warning signs that could be indicators of an abusive relationship.

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So it is very advisable that you become cautious if your partner displays any of the signs below:

1. Is excessively controlling to supposedly protect you
2. Separates you from family and friends
3. Flips from sweet and charming to mean or cruel
4. Lacks empathy
5. Controls all of the finances
6. Is extremely jealous and possessive
7. Blames you for their temper outbursts
8. Controls your choices
9. Controls your access to phones and devices
10. Attacks you verbally or physically
11. Threatens to harm you, others or themselves to control you
12. Insists on always being with you or monitoring you
13. Is hypersensitive or constantly playing the victim
14. Hides their insecurity behind a superiority act
15. Is cruel to animals or people
16. Is extremely arrogant and demanding

Important Notes

One important note we should outline here, is that Men tend to be more violent than women. But not all men are more violent than women, sometimes, it is vice-versa in a relationship.

men in abusive relationship

One thing our society has done for centuries is failing to recognize that men can be victims of abuse in relationships, just as well as women. There are hundreds of stories where the Lady is the one actually abusing the Man.

However, what makes the case more difficult for Men, is that it is extremely difficult for men to admit that they have been abused or ever been in an abusive relationship.

Men who have been abused, generally feel more shame over this discussion than women. But one thing i want to clearly disclose here, is for us to understand, that it is critical to understand and accept that no one is ever to blame for the abusive choices of another.

Studies have shown that people most times, often feel extreme shame after being abused. Their strength, positive mentality, self worth and spirit may be worn down until they accept the abusers message, which usually is that the abuse are to be blame for the abuse.

abusive relationship png

The sad part of it all, is that in most cases, those who are abused may come to believe that the abuser’s message, which is usually that they are unlovable, stupid, ugly, defective and that no one else would want them is true.

It is very important that whenever you are in a relationship, you should always pay close attention to what your instinct and what your sixth sense is telling you about your relationship.  Most atimes people in abusive relationships do tend to make excuses for their partner and to hope that things will improve.

Here’s an expert View about Abusive Relationships

Once you noticed that your sixth sense is telling you to move, it means it is actually time to let go. If your instincts are telling you something is not right, i mean not Just right with your relationship, then that is a pure signal that it might be time to listen and come up with a safe way out.

Before giving excuses for your partner abuses, can you take a few moment and ask yourself this question: “If I stopped protecting my partner, how would I feel.” Then answer the question truthfully and honestly.

I Often hear clients’ excuses for the behavior of their partners, when is usually “but he is really a good person;” “she has had a rough life;” or “I want the person I dated back, he was so generous and sweet before he turned this way.”

When you find yourself in a relationship where you are unable to set healthy boundaries with your partner, then you may have to remove yourself from the relationship in order to protect yourself from hurt and abuse.

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