SEE Crazy Things That happens At One Love Beach in Africa [PHOTOS]

This is Africa News Today, and we’re reporting live from what we just witnessed! It’s terribly jaw-dropping and we’re really surprised as anyone else, including you! This would seriously have been a funny case if it wasn’t for the age and those in it. 🙂 This took place in Lake Victoria 😛 over the weekend … Read more

15 Nigerian Girls that Shared Photos Online which Shamed Nigerians

  We know we’re evolving. The Fashion world is evolving, Cloths are now getting smaller and more trendy, AND what is more, we have an instant access to share our pictures to show the world. Today on, I will be listing here, 15 Nigerian girls who shamed this country by displaying their assets online. … Read more

Hottest Pictures of Hausa Girls Showing off Their Cleavages

WHO knew our northern Sisters have these curves and cleavages? I came across some Pictures and Photos our Our Hausa sisters showing off they’re hmmm and I was swept off my feet. To be honest with you, I never knew these Hausa ladies could show off more swag like This. Some few hours ago, iI … Read more

Beautiful Lady Sets Social Media on Fire With ‘Heavy Natural’ (Photos)


Who does not know about the beautiful ladies of Tanzania? Another beautiful lady emerging from Tanzania is named Sanchoka. A Tanzania named Sanchoka, who is also popularly called Sanchi, is a naturally endowed black woman who has chosen to proudly display her hmmm on social media to attract followers, and it seems like her plot … Read more

Nigeria Universities and Their School Fees in 2019

This contains the list of all Nigerian Universities and their school fees price in 2019. Please take note that this is an estimated list of all these below mentioned Universities school fees and tuition amount payments. This list contains tuition fee price from Institutions and universities adopted from two years ago till date. Also SEE: … Read more

All Time 5 Most Important Questions Not To Ask A Lady on First Date

Are you going on a first date, or planning on going one with your crush? Then this is the perfect guide for you. The first date you’re going for with a lady, is usually nerve-wracking, scary and same time makes you excited, especially for the nice guys who aren’t players. Most times, several questions usually … Read more

Lady Outfit to Wedding is Causing Problem Online

A certain wedding guest, who is a Lady, has caused a problem on social media with her outfit to a wedding occasion. The wedding guest who is causing this problem online did wear an outfit that lets out her boobs, and it did almost pop out of her outfit. The lady was attending the wedding … Read more

Man Fights His Best Friend in Ogun State For Sleeping With His Fiancée

Nigerian Man fights his bestie for sleeping with his fiancée

There was huge drama today, at Owode, Ogun State, where it was reported that a man engaged his best friend in a fight after catching him with his fiancée redhanded. According to reports, Saka caught his best friend for many years, Ayo, red-handed, having seχ with his fiancée. He thereafter dragged his best friend, Ayo … Read more

MTN Nigeria: How To Share Data on MTN

how to share data on mtn

For those who would love to know how to share data on the MTN network, here is the step by step procedures to accomplish this task. To share MTN data, you need to know that there are rules and regulations. The very first thing I must point out to you is that it’s NOT all … Read more

MTN Nigeria: How to Transfer Credit on MTN

how to share data on mtn

Who isn’t using MTN Nigeria? Mtn is unarguably the biggest telecommunication service in Nigeria. With the newly introduced method of MTN Share ‘n Sell, you can now easily share credit from your MTN to other MTN credit. For security purposes, MTN did ensure that before you can transfer credit from your MTN line to another … Read more

10 Hottest, Beautiful Ghana Weaving Style to Look Stylish

Ghana Weaving Style

There are lots of Ghana weaving and Ghana weaving styles out there, but what about the hottest, beautiful and stylish Hairstyles? Here on this portal, I have the complete pictures of the most stylish for you. Recommended: 10 Best and Most Lovely Ankara Pinafore Styles For Classy Women A banging hairdo is one way to … Read more

The Best and Finest Ankara Styles For Pre Wedding Shoot

pre wedding photos

We all know that Pre-wedding photo shoots are one of the best time in a couple to be life. Congratulations to you! So bae asked you or is planning to ask you to marry him and you’re happy, Its time to plan a wedding and let’s be honest, the heavier part of the wedding falls … Read more