The Best and Finest Ankara Styles For Pre Wedding Shoot

pre wedding photos

We all know that Pre-wedding photo shoots are one of the best time in a couple to be life. Congratulations to you! So bae asked you or is planning to ask you to marry him and you’re happy, Its time to plan a wedding and let’s be honest, the heavier part of the wedding falls … Read more

10 Best and Most Lovely Ankara Pinafore Styles For Classy Women

ankara Pinafore Styles

Who does not like Ankara styles? Here are the best and Most lovely Ankara Pinafore Styles for you, which is capable of transforming you, into a classy Woman. To everyone who has been ardently following our Ankara Designs and Tips, thank you. Just like I said, we promised to bring countless Ankara styles for you, … Read more

Founder of ‘The B00b Movement’ Chioma Shows off Her Partner

This seems like the best option, considering the fact that she is the founder. Today, I discovered that the founder of ‘The B00b Movement’ Chioma comes out as Lesbian, and proudly shows off her partner as they share a kiss in new video, currently trending on Instagram. For those who knows little to nothing about … Read more

See What this Prostitute Did to a Man in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Prostitute

It seems like any trending news coming out of Zimbabwe has to do with seχ. According to the viral news which has gained worldwide attention, a Zimbabwean man on Wednesday night was left injured after he was thrown from the third floor of a flat by a hooker, which was due to the fact that … Read more

Checkout The Eye-Popping Dress Female Guest Wore to a Wedding

Eye-Popping Dress Female Guest Wore

The internet is a place where we get constantly bombarded with pictures and messages of what is currently happening in the world. SO earlier today, we saw a viral photo on Instagram, showing a female guest at a wedding. The most alluring thing is her dress, the way she showcases everything, it seems like wants … Read more