Here’s the Most Expensive Girlfriend in Nigeria – Pictures

Have you ever wondered who is the Most expensive girlfriend in Nigeria? Thelma (Full name is hidden for privacy) is believed to be the most expensive girlfriend in Nigeria. You may be eager to know why We decided to call her, Nigerian most expensive girlfriend. Also Read: 2018 Hottest Ankara Top Styles for Nigerian Beauties … Read more

Horrifying Risk & Side Effects Of Progestin for Teens and New Mother

You must be aware that the Progestin is used for several reasons, though it works similarly like the Postinor 2, Apri and Plan B One Step. The Progestin-only birth control methods, which also includes pills (called “mini-pills”), implants, and shots, prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulation) and dutifully helps to thicken mucus at the … Read more

6 Signs You’re Way Hotter Than You Think

Hotter Than You Think

You know, when i was in High school, I compare myself a lot, oh i was so good at comparing, that little by little, I destroy all my self-esteem and confidence. When I was in school, You can’t really call me “hot.” Since I had freckles, red hair and was too short and thin, and … Read more

Using Apri For Prevention of Pregnancy? Here are the Horrific Side Effects

Apri birth control pill

As you can tell from Various articles written here in our Health Section, you’ll discover that we have written quite a few Morning after pills. So today, i will be writing exclusively on Apri. Recommended: Girls – Here are 5 Reasons Never to Send Nude Pictures This Morning after contraceptive, Apri (desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol) … Read more

Ladies See: Shocking Side Effects of Plan B One Step

Plan B one step

Before writing about the side effects of Plan B One-Step, give me the opportunity to explain what it is and does. The Plan B one step is a type of emergency contraception for birth control. Plan B one step is a birth control which is capable of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sεx. Usually this is … Read more

15 Perfect Answers Whenever Guy Asks You To Send Nudes

I just wrote an article on 5 Reasons Never to Send Nude Pictures, and i thought about giving you, the perfect answers to give to guys, who are always asking for nudes. It really does not matter if you’ve already slept together or you’ve only just started talking and dating, a guy asking for nudes … Read more

Girls – Here are 5 Reasons Never to Send Nude Pictures

Before you start judging me, Please understand the major reason why AM against this. I have seen several news headlines that brought tears to my eyes. Young girls committing suicide, all because of their boyfriend exposes their nude pictures online, turning them to laughing stocks, and examples of wayward girls. It is supposed to be … Read more

Shocking: This Lady Said I Wasted My University Years being a Virgin

I was simply on My own, jejely going through twitter, when i cam across this craze tweet that got the Nigerian online community strongly debating. This young beautiful black queen disclosed on Twitter that she wasted her university years being a virgin, when she would have enjoyed the hmmmmmm…….. What do you think??? Are we … Read more

President Buhari Declares ‘Hate speech’ as an act of ‘Terrorism’

2019 general election is fast approaching, and everyone is waiting to see who wins the election. But it seems like the hate speech is lashing out dangerous injuries on Nigerian politicians, as President Buhari, through the Minister of Information and culture, Lai Muhammad, declares hate speech, as an act of Terrorism. The Federal government has … Read more

Pictures; See What an ASHAWO Posted Online After Satisfying Her Customer In Bed

There are absolutely things that marvels Me, and the 21st century, with it’s technology, has brought out the rottenness of Humans. How can someone publish something as unbecoming as this? The truth is that certain things are made to be private, and should remain Private! But certain persons believe that “privacy” is non-arguably Social Media. … Read more

Chelsea Players Salaries For 2018 – Including Player’s Contracts

chelsea player salaries

Chelsea, one of the world most popular Football clubs in the world, and probably the most loved English team, has released their player’s full salaries and contracts details. So here on this page, I will be sharing with you, concrete information about Chelsea players salaries for 2018 and each Chelsea players contracts, etc. Chelsea Transfers … Read more