Meet the World Most Wicked Woman in Africa!

most wicked woman

Normally, I don’t share stories like this, But there are certain stories that makes one cry and same time, Angry than ever. I was reading Latest entertainment news when I came across this story, and sincerely speaking, I was madder than craze. According to reports, A Woman in Liberia burn this little girl’s hand with … Read more

See Pictures 22Yrs Old Jennifer Shared On Facebook Today- Shocking

Uploading everything online right now is the new reality! 😀 and what this young 22 years old girl shared on Facebook will literally make your jaw drop! She’s beautiful and you can’t just help but glance through all her amazing pictures! Honestly, she knows how to take amazing pictures. 22 years old Jenny shared some … Read more

What This Girl Did To This Child On Facebook is the Worst

Facebook user boasts about drugging a toddler with weed because he didnt greet her. Facebook user, Jennifer Belle took to Facebook and boasted that she drugged a little boy, all because he didn’t greet her this morning. Jennifer shared a video of the drowsy little boy and wrote: “He didn’t greet me this morning So … Read more