Shocking: This Lady Said I Wasted My University Years being a Virgin

I was simply on My own, jejely going through twitter, when i cam across this craze tweet that got the Nigerian online community strongly debating. This young beautiful black queen disclosed on Twitter that she wasted her university years being a virgin, when she would have enjoyed the hmmmmmm…….. What do you think??? Are we … Read more

President Buhari Declares ‘Hate speech’ as an act of ‘Terrorism’

2019 general election is fast approaching, and everyone is waiting to see who wins the election. But it seems like the hate speech is lashing out dangerous injuries on Nigerian politicians, as President Buhari, through the Minister of Information and culture, Lai Muhammad, declares hate speech, as an act of Terrorism. The Federal government has … Read more

Pictures; See What an ASHAWO Posted Online After Satisfying Her Customer In Bed

There are absolutely things that marvels Me, and the 21st century, with it’s technology, has brought out the rottenness of Humans. How can someone publish something as unbecoming as this? The truth is that certain things are made to be private, and should remain Private! But certain persons believe that “privacy” is non-arguably Social Media. … Read more

Chelsea Players Salaries For 2018 – Including Player’s Contracts

chelsea player salaries

Chelsea, one of the world most popular Football clubs in the world, and probably the most loved English team, has released their player’s full salaries and contracts details. So here on this page, I will be sharing with you, concrete information about Chelsea players salaries for 2018 and each Chelsea players contracts, etc. Chelsea Transfers … Read more

10 Ladies Who Slay the NYSC Uniform and Broke the Dressing Code

Women are killing it with their dressing and Now, the latest trends is Ladies doing it differently with the National Youth Service Corps Dressing. Nigerian Ladies are who were into the NYSC scheme are taking slaying to another level. Recalled when a beauty queen recently stirred controversy in our Online community by wearing her NYSC … Read more

Video Of Man Stuck Inside Another Man’s Wife During Sεx

lovers stucked

This might brought series of laughter, but the most amazing thing Happened in Kenya, when a pair of cheating lovers were publicly shamed after getting stuck together whilst having sεx and being forced to shout for help. In this reviewing video, When asked, the prophet left the crowd in stitches after he insisted that he … Read more

Meet the World Most Wicked Woman in Africa!

most wicked woman

Normally, I don’t share stories like this, But there are certain stories that makes one cry and same time, Angry than ever. I was reading Latest entertainment news when I came across this story, and sincerely speaking, I was madder than craze. According to reports, A Woman in Liberia burn this little girl’s hand with … Read more

See Pictures 22Yrs Old Jennifer Shared On Facebook Today- Shocking

Uploading everything online right now is the new reality! 😀 and what this young 22 years old girl shared on Facebook will literally make your jaw drop! She’s beautiful and you can’t just help but glance through all her amazing pictures! Honestly, she knows how to take amazing pictures. 22 years old Jenny shared some … Read more