Does these Pictures Shows Regina Daniels Finally Acting Her Real Age?

regina daniels real age

Some online Media are claiming that Nollywood Directors, Movie producers know the real age of Regina Daniels and have decided to give her roles befitting her. Millions of Nigerians are left completely buzzed, when it comes to Regina Daniels real age. Checkout: Regina Daniels Phone Number → GET IT Right Here I came across some … Read more

Regina Daniels Shares New Photo, Fans Rain Insult on Her [See Pictures]

regina daniels in Ankara

It seems like Fans of Multi-talented Actress, Movie producer, Regina Daniels simply love bashing the young lady. The beautiful Teen decided to serve us with some hot pictures today on Instagram, but her fans ” think it’s too much”. Recommended: Regina Daniels Sleeping with Her Boyfriend in Bedroom [See Picture] Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels got … Read more

Photos of Regina Daniels Injected After A Nail Pierced Her Leg On Set

regina daniels in Ankara

We most times, see the glory of Moviemaking but don’t know the hard work these people put. The recent photo shows Nigerian most popular Teenager, Regina Daniels, getting injected after a nail pierced her leg on a movie production set. Recommended: Regina Daniels Shares Hot New Photos and Her Fans Goes Wild Nollywood teen actress, … Read more

Regina Daniels Shares Hot New Photos and Her Fans Goes Wild

regina daniels photo

The ever beautiful Regina Daniels decided to share with her fans today, some of the hottest Pictures of her, and her fans are always like Oliver Twist, they want more. Beautiful and the youngest but popular Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, took to Instagram to share this photo of herself dressed in a body-hugging dress which … Read more

Regina Daniels Sleeping with Her Boyfriend in Bedroom [See Picture]

Regina Daniels boyfriend

Regina Daniels has always insisted that she is 16 years old, despite the years rolling by. For someone who says she is “Forever 16”, there are certain photos, you are not allowed to share online. This rule is not set by Anyone, but for modesty sake. Recommended: Regina Daniels Suggestive Photo With A Guy That … Read more

Regina Daniels Suggestive Photo With A Guy That Got People Angry

regina daniels photo

If you’re an avid user of instagram and you’re a fans of Nollywood, then Regina Daniels surely needs no introduction. Basically, she is the hottest Nigerian Teenagers, with aproximately 2.4 Million followers on Instagram. Nollywood talented teenage actress, Regina Daniels who earns between 300,000 Naira to 500,000 thousand Naira per movie, came under heavy Criticisms … Read more

Regina Daniels Wears Bum Shorts, Shares Backside Photos (HOT)

Regina Daniels

It is quite amazing how beautiful Regina Daniels truly is. Nigerian teen actress and film producer, Regina Daniels has in recent years, made her Instagram fans go crazy, over her claim of forever been 16 years old. The young actress recently had her 16th birthday twice in 2 years and is happy as she loves … Read more

Watch Viral Video of Man Standing Behind a Bikini Woman (video)

Most times, we’re left absolutely stunned by people’s character online. A video has gone viral online, which shows a Mature man, standing behind a bikini-clad Woman, and his body reaction will leave you in stitches. In this video, you’ll see a Man who was unable to control himself while standing behind a bikini-clad woman. This … Read more

The Nigerian Police Salary

Nigerian Police Salary

Do you want to know the Nigeria police force salary? What is the Nigerian Police Salary? The Nigerian police are been paid with Tax payers Money, which is why, countless times, the police in Nigeria always says that the Police is your friend. The main duty of Police Force in Nigeria, is to ensure that … Read more

Oil Companies Worker Salaries In Port Harcourt, Rivers State

oil workers salaries

If you are asked this question, what will be your honest reply? Would you choose to work in an Oil Company or in another profession? Honestly, as a Nigerian, you will certainly scream “YES”, surprisingly, this is my answer today. This is because Nigeria as a country totally depends on Oil, and the most successful … Read more

Doctors Salary in Nigeria – Medical Doctors Salaries in Nigeria

doctors salary in nigeria

Given the strenuous and tough tasks/responsibilities that rely on the shoulders of an average doctor in Nigeria, it shouldn’t be surprising as to why they should have their earnings on a totally different salary scale and structure. Being a doctor in Nigeria is not easy, starting from the grass root, getting JAMB required score, passing … Read more

The 5 Hottest Ankara Styles That Broke The Internet This Weekend

Ankara Styles top

When it comes to Ankara styles, Africans are truly killing the game, and Nigerians especially. True be told, there are quite a lot of Ankara styles popping up every minute, it might be a bit overwhelming to pick the best. But hey, leave the greasy work for us, and lets do it for you. Today, … Read more