10 Most Sεxiest Nigerian Girls in 2018 – The Hottest List Ever

Isn’t it getting harder to compile a List of Nigeria Most beautiful and Sεxiest Ladies in 2018? AM really hard pressed Here in listing out, the Ten Most beautiful and Sεxiest Girls in Nigeria.

The truth is that we can not denied the fact, that Nigeria is blessed by beauty in its ladies. Look up the photos of the 10 sεxiest Nigerian girls and enjoy.

It is no longer secret, that there are lots of beautiful women in Nigeria. When you meet Nigerian girls, you will immediately understand how attractive they are, in Looks and Shape. However, though the majority of them are extremely attractive, most of men are still eager to know who 10 sεxiest Nigerian girls are, and this brought me the hard-pressed JOB of compiling this list.

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Before compiling this list of the Top 10 Nigeria Sεxiest Nigerian women, there are certain criteria we put in place, which covers these Ladies sεxuality, because, as you know, girls might be attractive in different ways.

girls in nigeria

Women characteristics

Like i said above, We have hundreds of Beautiful Girls/Ladies in Nigeria, But what differentiate these girls?

Here is how we are compiling this list, and this includes both features and factors that influence female state of sεxuality, AND this will give us, the ability to separate about 10 sεxiest Nigerian girls. Those factors usually include both visual characteristics and behavior.

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The Number 1 factor is the Woman’s Body. This is probably the key feature in selecting the Most sεxiest of all Girls. If a girl has beautiful figure, she is obviously considered sεxy by others. Nice curves make a woman really stand out.


Another factor to put in place is the Hair. Study shows that higher percentage of people do love Women with long hair, and consider them more attractive. However, it is necessary to observe other features listed below.

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Legs, this is one place I know for certain that both genders (Male and female) always observe in a Woman. It is not a secret that most of male representatives prefer Women with long and straight legs. There are exceptions though.

Attires and Dressing

One of the Major attributes and outstanding characteristics that will make ANY Lady stand out, is her ability to dress, to combine colors and still walk out looking like a Million Dollar. It is very important for a Lady to know how to dress and look good.

Tight jeans, short skirts, and tops or dresses with low neck will turn almost every female into one of the hottest women, not just in Nigeria, but all round the world. Sometimes it is not even obligatory to have nice forms, as properly selected outfit will emphasize every sεxy feature and cover the weaknesses, which we know everyone has.


This is one place where Technology has played a Joke on Us. However, no matter what, Makeup always look pretty on a girl who knows how to do it right. Pretty face works most times. Special lipstick is able to make you lips fresh, magnetic, and juicy. A good mascara and eyeliner will create an extremely sεxy look that can attract any guy.


Your behaviour matters a lot. NO one would want to go out with a Girl who laughs loud in Public, scream at the slightest provocation and eats without Manners. It very often happens that a woman is thought to be sεxy just because of the way she speaks, laughs or gesticulates with her eyes. The movements should be slow, tender, and gentle.

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This is considered by Most, a controversial Factor, many women of age are much more attractive physically and mentally.

Which Women are Considered Sεxy?

We are compiling this list from the Most beautiful girls and Sεxiest ones we have seen. It’s basically useless, when i say these are the most beautiful girls in Nigeria, because we all KNOW that almost every street in Nigeria, have One outstanding, Beautiful and Sεxy looking girl.

Models: You know as well as i do, that almost all men and women in fashion industry are very attractive. They have wonderful forms and beautiful faces, which makes them Model in the first place.

Singers and Musicians: Most people in the People Niche in Nigeria music industry are 90% beautiful. Most Nigerian Musicians may sometimes look even strange, but when they start dancing, singing, you’ll discover why you’ll love them.

Actresses: My good friend always tell me that NO Nigerian Actress is ever Ugly, and coming to think of it, you’ll discover it’s true.

Sεxiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

The D-day has arrived (Or should i say, the Time is come?). Here is the list you have been eagerly waiting for. Now that we have known the features and types of women that are considered sεxy for the majority of people, we can observe the list of those girls, who are rated the sεxiest in Nigeria Nowadays:

10: Genevieve Nnaji

Taking the 10th Position in Nigeria most sεxiest Celebrities is Genevieve Nnaji. This is one actress who does not need an introduction, since she has somehow woven her name within Nollywood.

Genny, as most of her friends and fans calls her, is mostly known by her first name. She one of the most gifted and popular actresses Nigeria has ever seen. Although she is clocking 35 yrs of age, she is somehow magically preserving her youthfulness and looking sεxy as ever.

For those who are not aware, Genevieve Nnaji is already a mother, at tender age. Genny is called Julia Roberts of Africa. Oprah Winfrey called her so, when she was a guest at her show. What is more, this actress is very stylish and fashionable, combining Fashion with aging well.

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