7 Sure Simple and Natural Ways to look Younger than your Age

natural ways to look younger

Jay Z’s song titled: “Forever Young”, does not necessarily mean we don’t want to get old, but want to age with grace and youthful vibrancy. Everyone wants to be fit and look healthy at age 80! Everyone wants to be 75 years but look 45 years.

Getting old and looking old isn’t beautiful, as we all know that the signs of aging are really bothersome. It is a huge nightmare to see yourself getting older as you look yourself in front of the mirror.

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Truly, you can’t but imagine how smooth and silky your skin looked when you’re young, and how you once have that perfect shiny hair and a glowing face. Aging is a natural phenomenon that can not be stopped. So you need to accept this human natural process with grace and learn how to age with grace.

Today, I want to share with you, the medically approved signs, to stopped age from showing up on your face before the time has come. Here are the tips on how to always look young.

natural ways to look younger

natural ways to look younger

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Been hydrated is always good and recommended by Doctors. It has been proven over and over again, that drinking a good amount of water is the natural way of taking care of your skin and health.

Want to have that fresh, young, smooth, silky and shinning skin and face? Then always drink a lot of water. Take note that Water flushes out toxins from the Human body, which will help you to control the wear and tear of your skin.

So the next time you are thirsty, try your possible best to get water, instead of other carbonated drinks.

2. Clear the Makeup

Wearing makeup on your face always makes you look good and beautiful, but it also has its side effects. We all know that makeup helps in hiding the flaws and wrinkles on the human face, However, it’s advisable not to go overboard with the makeup.

Having too much makeup on your face makes you look fake and it’s surprising to know that women know about this, as they are also aware, that Men don’t really appreciate too much makeup either.

After the day job, it is medically advisable to always remove the makeup using a good cleanser or baby oil before going to bed. Take note that this 2nd tip is very important and essential as makeup. Leaving Makeup overnight is very harmful to your skin.

3. Always wear a good Sunblock

There have been several inventions to help us avoid the side effects of sun rays on your face. Please take note that sunscreen is perfect for making your skin look perfect. Some of the biggest damage which is done to the skin is because of the raw exposure to the sun.

Take note that exposure to the sun usually results in the premature sagging of skin and also culminates in wrinkles, and these are the two things which are concrete signs of aging to the human face.

So to keep your face looking young and fresh, it is always advisable to wear a good sunblock and also team it up with accessories like hats, sunglasses, and scarfs to avoid the heat. You can see why certain Hollywood stars always look young, because of what they wear on their face.

4. Keep Fit With Exercise

One of the biggest methods of getting a smooth face and staying young is to stay fit. This does not necessarily means you have to spend hours in the gym. All you need to do, is to to eat the right foods and maintain a daily exercise routine.

It is medically advisable to always try in balancing a healthy diet with some amount of exercise and do so every day. If you always fit and exercise on a daily basis, you’ll be looking vibrant.

5. Avoid Stress

IN our course of living, it’s impossible to avoid stress at one time or the other in our life, but you can always try your possible best to avoid stress and anything that gives you sleepless nights.

Have you ever noticed Presidents, seen their pictures which shows before they were appointed Presidents and Their pictures during their presidency? You’ll notice a great chance, especially in their face.

You will see stress and wrinkles all over their face. This is a sign of stress, of sleepless nights.

Once you master the art of avoiding stress, then you’re on your way looking fresh and young when old. One of the early signs of aging is stress and a wrinkled face. So thinking too much will always have a bad effect on your body as well as on our skin which makes you look older than you actually are.

One way to avoid stress and live a stress-free life is indulging yourself in meditation and yoga training. This will help your body control your stress levels. If you’re successful in living a stress-free life, you’ll be a happier person which will surely radiant on your face.

6. Have a Healthy Sleep Schedule

I have seen people who, while trying to make money, go on a sleepless night. If you are not getting the right amount of sleep your body needs.

There is every certainty that the stress will show on your face. You must realize that the body needs time to rest, and getting the required rest your body needs, will help keep your skin from aging.

It is medically proven that sleeping for 6-8 hours daily gives the body the rest it deserves, which will help you look fresh and effervescent, giving you that fresh and young look, you always dream about.

7. Always Be Positive and Stay with Positive People

When you live with positive people, you tend to always be happy and see a bright future. Always try to stay away from people who are too critical or judgmental of your actions and decisions. Instead of the negative vibes, spend more quality time with people who actually appreciate and love you.

When you surround yourself with people who love you and appreciate you, you will notice that life is a much better place that way. When you’re with positive people, you’ll smile more often, and it takes 79 muscles to frown, but just 7 muscles to smile. So smiling makes your face always retain its youthful looks.

Final Conclusion

But I want you to know that aging is a process that every human being has to go through and it may get tough for women, more than Men.

So one of the BEST methods to always look young is to feel young at heart and accept that these minor changes just show how life is a process.

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