5 Foods You Should Avoid! if You Want a Six Pack

5 Food Never Eat If You Want 6 Pack Abs

This article is published here today, to help you, get that six-pack you want. I would love to make this clear. Getting a six-pack isn’t something that happens within 24 hours! You need to work on it and know the foods to avoid.

You can be running on the treadmill every day and still have a tummy, that looks like you are carrying a spare tire. And this all comes down to the types of foods you eat.

Do you look like someone with a spare tire around his/her belly? Then you should know this, “You’re not alone:”

Confirmed studies have shown that Fifty-four (54) percent of U.S. adults now have abdominal obesity, a sharp rise from 46% in the year 2000. This report was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

If you fall into that category (you should probably know, that the male abs are considered fat if the waistline measures more than 40 inches), it’s time to consider cutting down your consumption of these five foods which are mentioned below:

5 Food Never Eat If You Want 6 Pack Abs

5 Foods You Should Not Eat IF You Want 6 Packs.

1. Refined Grains.

Do you know what refined grains are? If you are not sure what a refined grain is, then give me a few seconds to explain it to you.

A Refined grain is an ingredient, which is discovered and found in foods like the:

White rice,
White bread,
Regular white pasta.

Since it is advisable to avoid eating refined grains, you should probably know this too. That the unrefined stuff (whole wheat, brown rice, and quinoa) is always healthier and advisable to eat from.

A group of highly respected Pennsylvania State University researchers, shockingly discovered that people who ate whole grains, in addition to keeping a healthy diet—of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and protein, DO lose more weight from the abdominal area when compared with the group of people who kept the same healthy diet but ate all refined grains.

2. Potato Products.

Gosh! I love Potato, but after reading several blogs and medical journals, I know that this needs to be done, I need to let go of my love for the Potato! :'( chips.

This was confirmed in a study that was conducted and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which followed the weight changes of more than 120,000 men and women for up to 20 years.

The test, which took up to Twenty years and had more than 120,000 Men and Women, confirmed this. As participants were checked every four years and, on average, they gained 3.35 pounds each time, which means that they gained almost 17 pounds by the time the study was finished.

The foods associated with the greatest weight gain? You guessed it, Yes, my favorite “potato chips and potatoes”.

3. Red and Processed Meat.

The Red and Processed Meat is one food that aging Men and Women are advised to stop eating immediately. I know of a man who stopped eating processed and red meat in his early thirties. Yes, he’s 65 years now and looks like someone in his 40’s and healthy.

A good looking person at the age of 65, means that they must have been doing the right thing. Not only looking forever young, but healthy.

The same 20-year study discovered that the people who ate more red and processed meat gained weight, which is about one extra pound every four years.

While in another groundbreaking study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers worked with more than 370,000 people and discovered that the people who ate the equivalent of a small steak a day gained about five pounds in five years.

4. Frosting.

Yeah, it seems like all the favorite food are stomach fat agents. 😀

You know of those cupcakes your coworker makes for special occasions? want to have a 6 pack flat stomach? Then don’t eat them.

While the FDA has basically declared war on trans fats, store-bought frosting still contains a not-so-healthy dose of the stuff. Have you really asked yourself this question, How bad can trans fats be? We’ve got the right answer for you.

This question was answered by a group of highly respected Researchers at Wake Forest University when they gave groups of monkeys two different diets. One group ate trans fats and the other ate unsaturated fats.

Here are the Results:

The group eating trans fats upped their body weight by 7.2 percent in a short span of six years, while the other group which ate the unsaturated fats only gained 1.8 percent of body weight.

Not only did the trans fats add new fat, but it was also responsible for moving fat from other areas to the belly, stock pilling it, and making the stomach big.

Want to get a 6 pack stomach? Then start checking for trans fat in other foods like pre-made baked goods, snack foods, and frozen pizzas.

5. Diet soda.

Here’s the last but not the least of all foods you should avoid if you truly want a 6 pack sexy looking stomach.

Yes, we all know that most sodas now comes with the “zero-calorie label”. And it is also pretty simple to easily get fooled by the zero-calorie label, but sodas lovers should know, that sodas made with sugar substitutes are believed by many, to play a role in weight gain and stomach bulging.

A new study which was published in the United Kingdom discovered that people who drink diet soda gained almost three times the amount of abdominal fat over a span of 9 years when compared with those who did not drink the no-cal stuff.

Although the study only looked at adults, starting from the ages of 65 and older, but consider this important piece of information:

Recent research from the Weizmann Institute of Science, shockingly discovered that a mice drinking water with artificial sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose) is sure to become vulnerable to insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, and these are two things known to lead to weight gain.

With the points mentioned above and explanation, I hope you can get that six-pack stomach you’ve always wanted.

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