8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Soursop You Never Knew Of

health benefits of soursop

Have you heard of this fruit before? Here are eight (8) benefits of Soursop you have never heard of thought of. This fruit has an acidic taste, contains high vitamin C and is it can slow down the growth of cancerous cells and HBV. This fruit is very medicinal, but the only side effect is … Read more

Recommended Herbal Solution For Quick Ejaculation

Herbal Solution For Quick Ejaculation

This is no hidden secret that premature ejaculation affects 30% to 35% of men and is, in fact, the most common male $εχυal problem in the world today. A man who suffers from premature ejaculation is one who easily ejaculates without wishing for it before penetration, or within a few minutes after the beginning of … Read more

7 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Healthier

Foods to Make Hair Grow Faster and Healthier

Are you aware, that we currently have more than 8 (Actually Delicious) Foods that have the chemical compound to make your Hair grow at a faster rate? We mean Natural foods. You know that girl that looks like her hair grows every second? Her secret? She might not be aware, but these foods might be … Read more

Shocking: Ladies See Side Effects of Postinor 1 (P1)

Postinor 1

What is Postinor? For those who are not fully aware or know the complete definition of Postinor, allow me the pleasure of giving the complete definition. Postinor-1 (levonorgestrel) Postinor-1 contains levonorgestrel, which is a synthetic progestogen, mainly used as an emergency contraceptive to protect against unwanted pregnancy following unprotected sεx. Further Information On Postinor 1 … Read more

Guys Be Warned: 10 Fearful Shocking Side Effects of Tramadol

Tramadol 100mg Tablets

Hello there! Welcome to the health section of this blog. Today, i will be reviewing, Tramadol, not ONLY the drugs, but i will be sharing with you in details, the side effects of this drugs. I have known guys who used this drugs more for power than for what it was originally created for. Before … Read more

Horrifying Risk & Side Effects Of Progestin for Teens and New Mother

You must be aware that the Progestin is used for several reasons, though it works similarly like the Postinor 2, Apri and Plan B One Step. The Progestin-only birth control methods, which also includes pills (called “mini-pills”), implants, and shots, prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulation) and dutifully helps to thicken mucus at the … Read more

Using Apri For Prevention of Pregnancy? Here are the Horrific Side Effects

Apri birth control pill

As you can tell from Various articles written here in our Health Section, you’ll discover that we have written quite a few Morning after pills. So today, i will be writing exclusively on Apri. Recommended: Girls – Here are 5 Reasons Never to Send Nude Pictures This Morning after contraceptive, Apri (desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol) … Read more

Ladies See: Shocking Side Effects of Plan B One Step

Plan B one step

Before writing about the side effects of Plan B One-Step, give me the opportunity to explain what it is and does. The Plan B one step is a type of emergency contraception for birth control. Plan B one step is a birth control which is capable of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sεx. Usually this is … Read more