10 Hottest and Most Curviest Girls in Nigeria 2018

Felicia Daniels

From her name, your guess is as right as Mine, Felicia Daniels is a Nigerian and hails from Akwa Ibom state. Her Mother is Ethiopian, while her father is a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State.

Felicia is a combination of beauty and curves. Judging from her beauty, we’ll say she got her wonderful oval shaped face from her maternal side, since Ethiopians are known to be pretty, while her curves MUST certainly be from her father’s side.

Felicia Daniels, who always Addresses herself as UK baby, is always dressing to slay and we can’t get enough of her.

Juliet Olofo

This is the second Juliet that is making this list of Nigeria most hottest Girls!. Juliet Olofo hails from Delta State, Nigeria, but spent most of teenage life in Amsterdam.

Juliet is a graduate of Financial Accountancy and is brilliant. One major attraction is her sense of humor. On her instagram page, Juliet is always making funny videos, and sharing videos of Nigerian comedians.

Although she seems playful, Juliet gives an Aura of someone who knows what she wants in Life. Juliet Olofo has one of the best curves i have ever seen in a Woman, and she sometimes shares pictures like this one above.

Funke Ajayi

Funke Ajayi is your typical Yoruba girl with beautiful Face and a curvy body, and she’s got almost 20,000 thousand followers on facebook, with 4,999 friends.

Funke Ajayi is a student of Lagos State University, where she is studying theatre arts.

Funke is aspiring to be an actress, OAP or model. Looking from her facebook posts, she’s had some deals with some modelling company, but she said that she must finished her schooling before fulling venturing into the Acting world.

With her beauty, brain and curves, you surely know that Producers will be lining up to give her scripts. Guys, watch out, because this girl will soon be one of Nollywood biggest celebrities.

Daniella Ikechukwu

Daniella Ikechukwu is on Instagram and Facebook.Daniella Ikechukwu hails from Abia State in Nigeria, and studys Law in one of the costliest Private Universities in Nigeria.

Daniella Ikechukwu is a very brilliant girl who is always smiling and sharing pictures on her social Media profiles. She seems to have lots of friends, although almost all her friends and followers are mostly male fans, who seems to always be commenting on her pictures.

Daniella Ikechukwu has one of the most curviest and beautifully shaped body i have ever come across, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it online.

Sofia Kadiri

This is one lady guys can’t get enough of. Sofia Kadiri is your dream come true.

Sofia Kadiri was born on March 24, 1988 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She is a graduate of Mass communication from the University of Lagos , and Business Administration from Yaba College Of Technology.

She studies Business Adminstration and seems to be doing quite well for a girl her age. She has several beautiful cars and lots of friends.

Sofia seems quite friendly and mos times, replies her followers on instagram. However, almost 60% of her followers are guys who simply can’t help, but confess their undying love for her, (or should i say, her curvy body and well shaped legs)?

The truth is that Sofia remains a slayer, any Day and Any time.

Vivian Dikeh

Vivian Dikeh hails from Rivers State, and Like Nigeria Nollywood goddess, Tonto Dikeh, Vivian is hot. Vivian is a beautiful Video Vixen who has featured in a quite a lot of Musical videos of some of Popular musicians in United State of America.

Vivian studied Accounting in One of the top Black Universities in USA, but decided to enter the entertainment niche, where she has already carved out a name for herself, thanks to her beautiful body and great hips.

Vivian Dikeh isn’t ONLY a Video vixen, but an accomplished woman. She’s a producer, entrepreneur and CEO of her fashion store.

Lilian Akande

Lilian Akande was born in Bayelsa State, Nigeria and she is the first child of her parents, She hails from Bayelsa state, but grew up in Lagos State.

Lilian Akande attended the Corona School and Federal Government Girls’ College in Lagos State and Bauchi respectively. Lilian studied mass communication at the University of Lagos but had to drop out due to incessant strikes.

Her Relationship status is currently unknown, but on a personal note, Beautiful and shapely girls like Lilian Akande can’t stay single for long, Guys will be wiling to do anything just to date her.

Lilian Akande is one of the Most curviest and hottest Nigerian girls in Twitter

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