15 Simple But Powerful Ways To Show Your Partner You Adore Them

Ways To Show Your Partner You Adore Them

I want to write on this topic for long, but had some writer’s block, coupled with lots of research I have to put through, so as to write the nearest to perfection article, on how to show your Boyfriend/Girlfriend that you adore them. You should know that when life gets stressful, romance sometimes falls by the … Read more

4 Things Men NEEDS From Their Wife BUT Always Hide

Things Men NEEDS From Their Wife BUT Always Hide

WHY do women believe that Men are made of thick skin? Actually, there are lots of Women who are stronger than Men, and in Relationships, Women are always stronger emotionally than Men. It’s just that they are very good at hiding their feelings. It really does not matter how long you’ve been married to him … Read more

All Time 5 Most Important Questions Not To Ask A Lady on First Date

Are you going on a first date, or planning on going one with your crush? Then this is the perfect guide for you. The first date you’re going for with a lady, is usually nerve-wracking, scary and same time makes you excited, especially for the nice guys who aren’t players. Most times, several questions usually … Read more

Beautiful 20 Year Old Lady In Search Of A Husband On Twitter

It seems like the world is getting more mad everyday. I simply just don’t have the strength anymore to fight. Just today, a young vibrant and beautiful young girl, who goes on twitter by the name, Simisola Sowole says she wants to be a wife in four years time. Also See Here’s the Inside of … Read more

15 Perfect Answers Whenever Guy Asks You To Send Nudes

I just wrote an article on 5 Reasons Never to Send Nude Pictures, and i thought about giving you, the perfect answers to give to guys, who are always asking for nudes. It really does not matter if you’ve already slept together or you’ve only just started talking and dating, a guy asking for nudes … Read more

Girls – Here are 5 Reasons Never to Send Nude Pictures

Before you start judging me, Please understand the major reason why AM against this. I have seen several news headlines that brought tears to my eyes. Young girls committing suicide, all because of their boyfriend exposes their nude pictures online, turning them to laughing stocks, and examples of wayward girls. It is supposed to be … Read more