Jealous Nigerian Air Force Kills Himself and Fellow Airforce Girlfriend

One of the most trending post in Nigeria online community, is that a Jealous Nigerian Air Force personnel, has just killed himself and his classmate/girlfriend in Benue state. According to recent news reaching our news desk, the Nigerian Air Force personnel who goes by the name on facebook, Lieut Kal has killed himself and his … Read more

What This Boy Post ON Facebook Will Make You CRY today

In the 21st century, little things surprises Us, especially someone like me, who always shares the bizzarred and weird news! However, what really got my attention today was what this 12 years old Boy from South Africa shared on social Media today. Here is what he shared…. AND Here is the face of the boy…. … Read more

Shocking: This Lady Said I Wasted My University Years being a Virgin

I was simply on My own, jejely going through twitter, when i cam across this craze tweet that got the Nigerian online community strongly debating. This young beautiful black queen disclosed on Twitter that she wasted her university years being a virgin, when she would have enjoyed the hmmmmmm…….. What do you think??? Are we … Read more

Pictures; See What an ASHAWO Posted Online After Satisfying Her Customer In Bed

There are absolutely things that marvels Me, and the 21st century, with it’s technology, has brought out the rottenness of Humans. How can someone publish something as unbecoming as this? The truth is that certain things are made to be private, and should remain Private! But certain persons believe that “privacy” is non-arguably Social Media. … Read more

What This Girl Did To This Child On Facebook is the Worst

Facebook user boasts about drugging a toddler with weed because he didnt greet her. Facebook user, Jennifer Belle took to Facebook and boasted that she drugged a little boy, all because he didn’t greet her this morning. Jennifer shared a video of the drowsy little boy and wrote: “He didn’t greet me this morning So … Read more