Secret Billionaire Flew in Curvy Women – And they’re ‘Attending Parties’ in Nigeria

The question on the lips of Nigerians who saw these viral photos on instagram, is this;

Who flew in all these curvy Instagram Models download outlook images automatically?

Just be prepared to see racy photos of Instagram model ‘attending parties’ in Nigeria.

So it is now obvious,  that someone or a group of people, asides from D’banj, just invited a lot of curvy Instagram models who are popular on Instagram, into Nigeria for business recently apps samsung note. These ladies have been hosting parties dressed in little or nothing, and moving between Lagos to Abuja I can't download apps anymore.

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This Lady’s name, ‘St Lucian Princess’ who wasnt a big ashamed, took to her instaStories, to share jaw dropping photos Download even dead here. Her pictures caught our attention and we thought to share some of her pics with you.

These Ladies are not a bit ashamed, as they proudly displayed their stuffs on the internet app zum filmeen iphone. But they’re coyly not saying who invited them to Nigeria.