Shocking news making the country wipe, as CoronaVirus (Covid-19) is still shaking tables, is about a young lady named Chigozirim Alum, who hails from Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi state, who lost her life on 14th of March, 2020 after being brutally ℜaΡed by her own elder brother who took some Sexx enhancer. … Read more

Meet the World Most Wicked Woman in Africa!

most wicked woman

Normally, I don’t share stories like this, But there are certain stories that makes one cry and same time, Angry than ever. I was reading Latest entertainment news when I came across this story, and sincerely speaking, I was madder than craze. According to reports, A Woman in Liberia burn this little girl’s hand with … Read more

17 Years Old Slay Queen Uploaded $εχ Pictures With Lover On Facebook!

This world is going absolutely Crazy and there are No morals anymore! Can you imagine what this 17 years old girl shared on Facebook? This girl Pictured below shared this picture of her with her Boyfriend on facebook after $εχ, and guess what? The facebook social Media community is going crazy! The Facebook post by … Read more

Fake Jesus Dies of Pneumonia Days after Visiting Kenya

Kenya Fake Jesus

It was a viral story that got social media users divided, when a man dressed as Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, went to Kenya and took photos with Kenyans. Michael Job, the US preacher and actor who recently visited Kenya as ‘Fake Jesus’ reportedly died just a few days after attending an … Read more

14 Pictures of South Africa Ladies That Shamed the Country

South African lady shares really silly photo on Facebook to celebrate her 4 months anniversary with boyfriend. South African Schoolgirls are probably known as some of the most spoiled kids in the world. This post here will show you, Pictures of some South Africa Ladies who made international headlines for all the wrong reasons! Taking … Read more

Here is Why this 26 Year old Guy Was Beaten By a 56 Years old Woman

It seems like there is nothing imaginable. Latest news reaching us today is that a 26-year-old guy was recently beaten by his Sugar Mummy for cheating on her. This report has been confirmed by multiple media houses in Zambia and another part of Africa. According to multiple online reports and sources in Zambia, a 54-year-old … Read more

Here is WHY This Video is Going Viral (Watch Video Here)

viral lady

A video is going viral on Instagram and the reason is not too surprising! It’s a video of a young black beautiful lady Twerking on a man. This may seem like a very normal video when it started, just like every other party filled with screaming youths having a blast. But the tempo of the … Read more