20-Year-Old Girl ℜαρεd And Killed In Illorin

beautiful girl killed in ilorin

Images and stories like these are truly what makes human savages. Seeing these pictures, I know there are people somewhere who are heartbroken, physically, spiritually, and mentally php herunterladen. While loved ones of this girl may be broken and the probability of NOT recovering is there. This is bizarre, purely evil-hearted, and totally uncalled for … Read more

Actress Beaten by her Husband ends her 3 years Marriage

woman beaten

Abuse in marriage is on the increase, and Africans seem to be at the forefront of ensuring this demonic trait is not removed from human history. One reason why domestic violence is still lingering in Africa is that most African countries do not have laws that persecute the violators the settlers free download full version. … Read more


Shocking news making the country wipe, as CoronaVirus (Covid-19) is still shaking tables, is about a young lady named Chigozirim Alum, who hails from Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi state, who lost her life on 14th of March, 2020 after being brutally ℜaΡed by her own elder brother who took some Sexx enhancer … Read more

10 Ladies Who Slay the NYSC Uniform and Broke the Dressing Code

Women are killing it with their dressing and Now, the latest trends is Ladies doing it differently with the National Youth Service Corps Dressing. Nigerian Ladies are who were into the NYSC scheme are taking slaying to another level wie kann ich mit safari videos downloaden. Recalled when a beauty queen recently stirred controversy in … Read more

Meet the World Most Wicked Woman in Africa!

most wicked woman

Normally, I don’t share stories like this, But there are certain stories that makes one cry and same time, Angry than ever. I was reading Latest entertainment news when I came across this story, and sincerely speaking, I was madder than craze fotos icloud downloaden. According to reports, A Woman in Liberia burn this little … Read more

World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die

Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake in Chile

If a question is been screened out for people to have their say on places they would love to visit or travel to, You will statistically see that a higher percentage wants to travel to the most beautiful places or sites in the world, but with so many places to visit where do you start? … Read more

World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Women

Emilia Clarke

This is interesting and I know that most people like you, who love reading and knowing things, would love to know about the world’s top 10 most beautiful women of 2017. So all you have to do is relax and read this article properly. I want to share with you, the world’s Most Beautiful Women. … Read more

5 Ways to Get the Girl Who’s Out of Your League

get girls out of my league

This is another wonderful topic I’ll love to discuss with my readers. What are the best five ways to get the girl who is totally out of your league? Here are 5 powerful ways, guys can try to get the girl who is out of their league. Life isn’t like the Movies, where you’ll find … Read more

7 Sure Simple and Natural Ways to look Younger than your Age

natural ways to look younger

Jay Z’s song titled: “Forever Young”, does not necessarily mean we don’t want to get old, but want to age with grace and youthful vibrancy. Everyone wants to be fit and look healthy at age 80! Everyone wants to be 75 years but look 45 years. Getting old and looking old isn’t beautiful, as we … Read more

5 Foods You Should Avoid! if You Want a Six Pack

5 Food Never Eat If You Want 6 Pack Abs

This article is published here today, to help you, get that six-pack you want. I would love to make this clear. Getting a six-pack isn’t something that happens within 24 hours! You need to work on it and know the foods to avoid. You can be running on the treadmill every day and still have … Read more

9 Biggest Turn-Offs for Women and Men Commit these Mistakes Every Day!

turnoffs for women

This article will be addressing something extremely important, and that is: “Things that Turn Off Women” If a man will be able to know, the exact words and actions that are turn-offs for Women, they will have the key to their heart. Before going through this article, you should note that there are Traits Women … Read more

400 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend in 2020

sweet names for boyfriend

The main reason for penning down this article is to spice up the word play between you and your Love! ♥ This article is written for the adorable types of couples who loved to call each other cute names. I know this is usually hard, after going through all the pet names, we find it … Read more