10 Most Crazily Expensive Mercedes-Benz Cars You’ve Never Seen Before

Imagine a car so dangerously Expensive, that Even some of the World richest Celebrities, don’t have them. If you were asked to list the most expensive car brands in the world, I guess you can’t list 10 brands, without mentioning Mercedes Benz.

When more than 80% people see their vehicles or cars as a means of going to their working place, leisure or business, others see it as an object that defines their personality and identity. For these group of people, there is absolutely nothing comparable in the world, which is as precious as their four-wheeled mistress (or the gender-appropriate equivalent of mistress for females).

Although in the 21st century, We discover that while economy class cars are getting nicer, comfortable and roomier, they still don’t match up, or even offer a substitute in terms of power or luxury, when compared to vehicles from dedicated luxury brands known in the world today. Surely, a Ferrari or Lamborghini goes fast, but if your goal is to get somewhere in as much style and comfort as humanly possible, then a sports/super car isn’t the way to go.

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Car brands like the Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, BMW and Audi are great bets (not the first two if you live in a cold climate mind you), but there is something about Mercedes-Benz products that makes them stand out. They are synonymous with being able to provide luxury and comfort with an engine that can last a long time, which you can also trust. Imagine the Mercedes G-wagon series, which almost all celebrities have in the world. Celebrities, ranging from sports, actors/actress, musicians, Business tycoons, etc. Boost of having a G-Wagon in their garage today.

Along with being great cars today and also known for providing luxuries cars, there are some Mercedes-Benz models that are among the rarest and most sought-after vehicles out there. Here is our list of the most expensive and valuable cars from the Mercedes Benz Brand.

Starting from Number 10, we have the:

10. C112 Concept, Vision SLR Concept, AMG Vision GT Concept – $3 Million

C112 Concept, Vision SLR Concept, AMG Vision GT Concept

C112 Concept, Vision SLR Concept, AMG Vision GT Concept

Talk about beauty and at the same time, Beast. Talk about speed and same time, Control. When it comes to Beauty, Speed and sleek looking cars, the C112 Concept, Vision SLR Concept, AMG Vision GT Concept is the best.

The C112 Concept was the masterpiece creation of Mercedes-Benz in the early 90s. This sleek looking car bares some notable aesthetic similarities to the McLaren F1 supercar which was revealed shortly thereafter. Although this product never entered full production, despite there being some significant demand and potential buyers. The 6L V12 produced a bit over 400 horsepower with a top speed of over 190 MPH.

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