Top 23 Most Curvy African Celebrities You Need Know

18) Evia Simon (Nigerian)

Nigeria! Known as Africa largest country with more than 180 Million citizens, you surely won’t be lacking beauties in this country. Nigeria is blessed with some of the most beautiful Women in the world, and also the curviest.

This curvy Nigerian actress first came to prominence in 2010, and thanks to her voluptuous backside, which helped her become Nollywood household name.

Evia Simon

Evia Simon

17) Risper Faith (Kenyan)

Kenyans are known for their curvy backsides, and from this list, you will know that they’re blessed. Making the 17th most curvy africa celebrities is Kenyan socialite, Risper Faith.

Risper Faith sexy pictures

Risper Faith has become very famous for her assets. It is no secret that Faith loves to flaunt her bootylicious backside on her social Media page, and yes, She has lots of followers, especially the guys who can’t get enough of her.

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